Site Confidentiality Policy

The present Personal Data Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter — the Policy) covers all the information which can be received by the Site concerning the user while the Site is being used.

Site use means the unconditional consent of the used with the present Policy and the terms of processing the personal data contained in it; in case of disagreement with the conditions the user shall refrain from the Services use.

  1. Personal User Data received and processed by the Site

1.1. Within the present Policy the following is meant by the Personal user data:

1.1.1. The Personal data concerning the user which the user may provide by themselves when filling in the feedback form, including the User personal data.

The data necessary for services rendering (Services provision) is marked specifically. Other data is provided by the user at their own discretion.

1.1.2  The data which is automatically sent when in use with software installed on the user’s device, including IP, cookie data, information on the user’s browser (of other program via which the Services are accessed), access time, address of the requested page.

1.2. The present Policy is only applicable to the Site. The Site does not control or is responsible for the third parties’ sites, which the user can access via links available on the Site, including the search results. On such sites other Personal data may be collected or requested from the user, and other activities may be performed.

1.3. In general, the Site does not verify authenticity of the Personal data provided by the users and does not control their legal capacity. However, the Site proceeds from the premise that the User provides authentic and sufficient Personal data regarding the subjects in the registration form and keep the data updated.

  1. Objectives of Personal User Data collection and processing

2.1. The Site only collects and keeps the Personal data which is necessary for Services rendering and provision (performance of agreements and contracts concluded with the user).

2.2. The Site may use Personal User Data for the following purposes:

2.2.1. Identification of a party under agreements and contracts;

2.2.2. Provision of users with personalized services;

2.2.3. Communication with the user, including submission of notifications, requests or data on Services use, services rendering as well as processing the user’s requests and applications;

2.2.4. Improvement of their quality, usability, services development;

2.2.5. Promotional material targeting;

2.2.6. Conduct of statistical and other studies based anonymized data.

  1. Terms of processing the Personal User Data and its communication to third parties

3.1. The Site keeps the Personal User Data according to the internal regulations of specific services.

3.2. Confidentiality is maintained with regard to the Personal User Data except for the cases of voluntary provision of data regarding themselves by the users for general public access.

When individual Services are used, the User agrees that a particular portion of their Personal data becomes available for general public.

3.3. The Site has the right to communicate the Personal User Data to third parties in the following cases:

3.3.1. The User has signified their consent for such actions;

3.3.2. The data communication is necessary within the User’s use of a specific Service or for provision of the Service provision;

3.3.3. The data communication is provided for by the Russian or other applicable legislation as per the procedure established under the legislation;

3.3.4. For the purposes of ensuring the capability of defending the rights and lawful interests of the Site or third parties in cases when the User breaches the Site Services User Agreement.

3.4. When processing the Personal User Data the Site is guided by the Federal Law of the Russian federation “On Personal Data”.

  1. Modification of the Personal Data by the User

4.1. The User can modify (update, complement) the Personal data or its data provided by them as well as the parameter’s of its confidentiality.

  1. Measures taken to protect the Personal User Data

5.1. The Site takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the Personal User Data from wrongful or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution as well as other wrongful acts of third parties regarding the data.

  1. Modification of Confidentiality Policy. Applicable Legislation.

6.1. The Site has the right to make modifications in the present Confidentiality Policy. When making modifications, the latest update date is marked in the current edition. The new edition of the Policy becomes effective at the moment of its publication, unless otherwise provided for by the current edition of the Policy.

6.2. The Legislation of the Russian Federation is applicable to the present Policy and the relations between the User and the Site emerging due to application of the Confidentiality Policy.