TransLit Group of Companies consists of TransLit LLC and Inpharma LLC.

TransLit LLC was established in January 2009 and has been doing pharmaceutical and medical documentation translations as well as translations for GMP audits and inspections since its formation date. The company can guarantee quality translations done by skilled translators possessing solid experience in the industry. Translations are provided with proofreading and warranty. Our company mostly works on translations from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate within very short timeframes and we are often requested to prepare translations that need to have been done “by yesterday”.

Companies from TOP 10 Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies are among our customers.

Gradually we introduced to our clients services for authorization of pharmaceutical substances, medicinal and homeopathic products, authorization of veterinary preparations in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. Currently, we also authorize BAAs and medical devices, provide a complete range of services for pharmacovigilance within operation of Inpharma LLC, and plan expanding our entire services scope to 5 countries of the EEU. We single-handedly import samples for authorization purposes, provide intellectual property protection and conduct a market analysis prior to market launch.

Benefits of working with TransLit Group of Companies:

  • Personalized and creative approach;
  • Deferred payment;
  • Provision of a personal manager and a personal translator;
  • The price includes editing;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Task performance speed; work done “by yesterday”;
  • Discount depending on the volume of cooperation;
  • Test translation and first consultation – free of charge;
  • Warranty;
  • Sufficient resources for performing your tasks;
  • Welcome package.

Do you have questions?

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