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Useful Database Apihelp

Here you see (useful database) – the useful database for substances, medicinal products, nutritionals, medical devices, cosmetics, as well as services for translation, pharmacovigilance, registration and localization. The Catalog of Manufacturing Companies and Distributors is also available.

Target audience: Russian and foreign pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, marketing and consulting companies, distributors.

What is the (useful database) created for? – To activate cooperation between foreign and Russian companies for the purpose of creating high-quality, efficient and safe medicinal products and cost optimization. Now, there is no more need for the companies to disburse vast traveling and representation funds for the search of foreign partners. You reach the contact for your selected products immediately.

Our functions: support for cooperation, organization of meetings, provision of translation services and assignment of interpreters (to/from English and other languages), registration of substances, finished medicinal products, nutritionals, medical devices, cosmetics in Russia and EEU, consulting on various issues (including audit activities).

Problems of local companies Problems of foreign companies
Lack of the required English skills Lack of the required Russian skills
Incapability of setting a clear task in most cases The task is set clearly, but there is high bureaucracy in the course of decision making
Demanding wide range of products Imprecise assessment of product prospects for market launch
Lack of information on products How and where publish information on products for the post-Soviet market???
Considerable expenditures for establishment of commercial relations
Please specify your problems and proceed with filling in the form Please specify your problems and proceed with filling in the form

Conclusion: both the Russian and the foreign companies wish for the mutually beneficial cooperation, availability of information on products, specifying the tasks and responsibilities, projects execution time and cost-saving. All the cooperation parties want reliability and confidence in their business partner.